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Resident Evil 0 HD: la lista dei trofei

resident evil 0 hd trofei

Resident Evil 0 è indubbiamente uno dei capitoli più sfuggenti della serie: pubblicato in esclusiva GameCube nel lontano 2002 e riproposto solo su Wii alcuni anni dopo, rappresentava una lacuna incolmabile per molti appassionati ai tempi sprovvisti delle home-console di Nintendo. Si tratta però di una mancanza destinata ad esser risolta dall’uscita di Resident Evil 0 HD, versione remastered la cui uscita è prevista per il 2016 su console (di vecchia e nuova generazione) e sistemi Windows.

In attesa di un più preciso periodo di rilascio, perché non dare uno sguardo ai trofei?

Attenzione: l’elenco riporta obiettivi a rischio spoiler, raccolti opportunamente nella seconda metà.

Resident Evil 0 HD: la lista dei trofei

  • S is for S.T.A.R.S. – Finish the game with rank S.
  • From Zero to Hero – Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
  • Who’s Got the Herb? – Finish the game without combining herbs.
  • Save Your Prayers – Finish the game without saving.
  • Allergic to First Aid Spray – Finish the game without using a First-Aid Spray.
  • This is Serious Business – Finish the game without using a recovery item (including Green Chemicals).
  • Zero In – Defeat an enemy with a critical-hit headshot.
  • Burned Alive – Defeat an enemy by burning them.
  • Dead, Dead, Deadski – Defeat a zombie by stomping on them.
  • This is How You Recycle – Create a Molotov Cocktail.
  • Fashion Plate – Change into a costume.
  • Here I Come to Save the Day – Attack an enemy to save your partner who is grappling with that enemy.
  • >Guns are Too Quick – Defeat an enemy with a knife.
  • Misdirected Hostility – Destroy a zombie’s legs.
  • Fileophile – Read all files.
  • Apprentice of Unlocking – Obtain all keys and use them all.
  • Find Time to Combine – Combine every type of herb with each other.
  • I Could Shoot, You Know – Obtain all weapons.
  • I’m a Medic, Not a Bodybuilder – Try to push something heavy with Rebecca.
  • Wanna Go for a Ride? – Earn all trophies. (disponibile solo su Playstation)

Obiettivi nascosti ed inerenti alla trama:

  • Train Complete – Complete the train.
  • Training Facility Complete – Complete the training facility.
  • Laboratory Complete – Complete the laboratory.
  • Factory Complete – Complete the factory.
  • Treatment Plant Complete – Complete the treatment plant.
  • Taking the Sting Out – Defeat Stinger.
  • Centurion Disciplinarian – Defeat Centurion.
  • Die, Devil Bird! – Defeat Infected Bat.
  • Proto Tyrant Down – Fight off the Proto Tyrant.
  • Proto Tyrant Down Again – Defeat the Proto Tyrant.
  • Hey, Queenie! Feast on this! – Defeat Queen Leech.
  • That’s Officer Chambers to You – Defeat all bosses except Centurion using Rebecca.
  • Alley-oop! – Shoot down a Hunter or an Eliminator while they are jump attacking in the air.
  • Sit, Boy, Sit! Good Dog – Break free of a Cerberus while they are biting you or trying to push you down.
  • Custom to Bust ‘Em – Create a Custom Handgun.
  • Green is the Color – Use a Green Chemical.
  • How ‘Bout a Light, Bud? – Defeat Mimicry Marcus with a Molotov Cocktail or a Napalm Grenade.
  • I Have the Touch – Defeat Mimicry Marcus for the first time only using a knife.
  • Winged Spawn of Satan – Defeat 16 bats in the church.
  • Welcome to Team Wesker – Put on Team Wesker costume.
  • Calm the Zombie Nerves – Play the piano using Rebecca.
  • On Leather Wings – Get picked up by the Infected Bat.
  • Trying Out New Things – Play Leech Hunter.
  • A Weird Interest in Leeches – Finish Leech Hunter with rank A.
  • Leech-Shaped Hole in my Heart – Finish Leech Hunter with rank E or above.
  • Who Needs Partners? – Collect all of only one color of Leech Charms.
  • Distracted from the Hunt – Defeat all enemies in Leech Hunter.
  • 20/20 Vision – Kill 50 enemies with the Death Stare at full charge.

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